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End of another year

First and foremost, thank you! We truly appreciate everyone of you and strive to make you our number one priority. 2018 was a great year. We were excited to launch the new website and chat system, which many of you have embraced. The Custom Shoppe program was launched to build a small web store for your employees or customers. We have many amazing plans in store for 2019 as well. We are starting a new monthly sale plan, but hope to bring back some of the seasonal favorite sales, such as the camo and sweatshirts. There are more plans in the works, but we won't ruin all of the surprises now. 

So, here is to making 2019 as great of a year as 2018 was. It will be our 70th year. (We've gone platinum!) See you all again next year.

Happy New Year!

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