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Minimum 24 pieces for embroidered items ~ To have your items bundled place a note in the cart
Minimum 24 pieces for embroidered items ~ To have your items bundled place a note in the cart

Decorating & Embroidery Ideas

Think outside the box! Embroidery can be done in more locations than you think. When decorating your next shirt think about how you can personalize it. Here are some ideas to help you stand out.

New decorating options are always being created. Ask us about laser on clothing, patches, transfers, applique, or even combing multiple of these options! For example laser gives a subtle tone-on-tone look that will last the lifetime of the garment. This is a great background detail which you can have a design embroidered over it as well.

 Instead of monogramming below your logo you could have your initials on the collar. Tone-on-tone is a great idea for this location. Its subtlety adds a simple edge to the shirt.

You can also add a logo on the cuff of button-down shirts. This location is sure to bring attention to your logo when shaking hands with your customer. Embroidering here gives the shirt a high-end look. Great place for monograms too!

Another creative and bold look is on a polo with a half moon patch. This unique location works on other clothing items such as tees. It gives your customer one last look at your logo when you are leaving.

Ready for that next fishing outing? Try embroidering on the back vent panel. With such a large area to decorate the possibilities are endless. It allows for big bright and bold logos to be seen easily from far away.

Pockets can be tricky and not all logos work at the smaller size needed. However, loose pouch pockets on hoodies provide a lot of space for a logo, monogram, or more! Some chest pockets on polos or woven shirts give you a little extra room for decorating that won't be hidden by items in a pocket.