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Minimum 24 pieces for embroidered items ~ To have your items bundled place a note in the cart
Minimum 24 pieces for embroidered items ~ To have your items bundled place a note in the cart


Speakers, stylus, lights, flash drives, power banks, etc. All of your electronic accessories in one place.
  • $ 70.53

    7121-43 Light Up Qi Wireless Power Bank

    Minimum 20 pieces ~ Not available to ship outside the continental US The UL Listed Light Up Qi 10000 Wireless Power Bank lets you charge smartphone...

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    $ 70.53
  • $ 51.50

    ML25LT-3C LED 3 Cell Flashlight

    Minimum 36 pieces 8 5/8" long. Simple on/off twist focus. Rugged corrosion-resistant aluminum body. Features include a hands free candle mode, with...

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    $ 51.50
  • from $ 15.60

    Rotate Flash Drive

    Minimum Order 50 per memory size  Flash drive folds into a protective aluminum cover. RoHS compliant. Plug and play technology on Windows XP or abo...

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    from $ 15.60
  • $ 14.50

    3510 Inspection Penlight

    Minimum 48 pieces  4 3/4” long inspection light in the shape of a pen. Adjustable light radius allows for a wide or narrow beam depending on the ta...

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    $ 14.50
  • $ 4.64

    851 Nashoba Torch Pen

    Minimum 100 pieces  Elegantly appointed multifunction executive pen features unique engraved accents. Converts to a bright and powerful LED light w...

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    $ 4.64
  • $ 3.95

    690 Sonata Torch Pen

    Minimum 100 pieces Converts to a bright and powerful LED light with a double click. Features a satin finish in fashionable colors with shining silv...

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    $ 3.95
  • $ 3.87

    SM-9846 Astro Flashlight

    Minimum 200 pieces The Astro Flashlight has nine white LED lights, perfect for adding light when you need it. Simply push the button to turn the po...

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    $ 3.87
  • $ 3.77

    1065-08 Preston Ballpoint Stylus

    Minimum Order 250  Decorated on barrel The Preston Dual Ballpoint Stylus combines a classic ballpoint silhouette with the added stylus function. Gr...

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    $ 3.77
  • $ 2.85

    694 Farella Bronze Stylus

    Minimum 100 pieces Beautiful and sleek executive metal pen with handy stylus Warm brushed gunmetal finish with vivid colored accents Etched center...

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    $ 2.85
  • $ 2.70

    697 Farella Stylus Ballpoint Pen

    Minimum Order 100 Microfiber mesh stylus provides super smooth, ultrasensitive connectivity with smartphones and tablets. High gloss enamel and chr...

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    $ 2.70
  • $ 2.55

    701 Textari Spectrum Stylus Pen

    Minimum 100 pieces Brighten up your day with this colorful metal pen! The stylus tip is designed for increased connectivity with screens. Blue (de...

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    $ 2.55